‘A Special Place’ by Isabella

I have just come back from my holiday to a very special place. It was to an island called Tresco which is one of the Scilly Islands which sit about 20 miles off of the coast of Land’s End, Cornwall.

My Great Aunties Bev, Max and Ade and my Great Uncle Smartie treated me, Mummy and Daddy to a week with them in a place which can only be described as ‘a little piece of paradise’.

The island is only a mile wide by a mile and a half long and there are no cars there. We arrived by helicopter which was very exciting (although I did have a small snooze mid flight!) and we were delivered to our cottage on the back of a tractor and trailer which was a fantastically bouncy ride!

The sea is as aquamarine and the sand is as soft and golden as the Mediterranean and luckily for us the weather matched, it was gloriously hot and sunny!

We stayed in a beautifully bright cottage right on the edge of the beach where we awoke every morning to the sound of Oyster-catchers playing on the sand. I could hear the waves gently lapping on the shore as small boats quietly sailed past.

We spent our days outside, on the beach, paddling in the sea, going for walks around the island breathing in the freshest of air I also got to go swimming nearly every day which I really loved. With the help of my swimming costume with built in floats and a rubber ring, I even swam by myself, I just kept kicking my legs and off I went, giving Auntie Ade a bit of competition!

Mummy and Daddy had a good rest too as everyone else did all the cooking and washing up which they were very thankful for.

We all had a wonderful time and Tresco will always be our very special place. xxx


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    Bev Jackman August 9, 2011

    We had such a wonderful time too, the sun shined on all of us, I think Isabella was trying to splash Auntie Ade as she was swimming too fast!!
    Thank you Isabella for letting us share this special holiday with you.

    All our Love
    Great Aunties Bev,Ade Max and Uncle Smartie

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    Melanie Evans August 9, 2011

    Just really love it xx

  3. Reply
    Emma Stocker September 8, 2011

    Sounds like you all had a well deserved holiday and a wonderful time had by all xxx

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    Natalie Jarvis September 11, 2011

    What a perfect holiday and what amazing memories and photos to come of it :)
    So glad you got that break. You all deserve every bit of it.
    Love to all

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