A thank you note from Amélie

Amélie with auntie Jules in Milan - September 2010

Upon my return from Eurodisney I had a card from the lovely postman to pick up a parcel on my name!

I was quite excited  and curious to be honest!

Mummy and daddy went to pick it up with me (very cool to show my passport to pick up a parcel!) and it was a beautiful dress sent from MILANO!!!

My ‘auntie’ Jules and ‘uncle’ Brett sent it to me as a treat for being a very brave girl for the past few months and I want to thank them, to say that I love the dress and will wear it as soon as the weather is warmer!

I have learnt that being brave pays and now I am going to be always good (sometimes I am naughty) as I would really like to go back to Eurodisney (maybe that will come as a treat again!).

Love to ‘auntie’ Jules and ‘uncle’ Brett

Amélie Durão Lewi

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    Julie June 15, 2011

    Dear Amélie,

    We’re glad you like the dress, we thought you would look very pretty in it, and if it doesn’t get warm enough there to wear it, then it it will give you & your Mummy & Daddy a good excuse to come to sunny Milano!!

    Lots of love & big licks from Ditsy & Elma.


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