A visit to London Aquarium

Amélie, Daniel and Patricia at the London Aquarium

We have a thing for fish in our house… in fact, Daniel has always had a thing for fish and so Amélie had no other option but to marvel at our enormous fishtank (one of many) since she was a newborn.

Since she was tiny we used to sit her on her bumbo chair on top of the table and she always rejoiced at looking at the bright colours, watching them move and what she loved the most was to tap on the glass and at times to lick it…

I found it quite endearing that while at Evelina hospital Amélie really loved to go and watch the fish tank they had there, I think in a way it was more than the colours and the movement that made her smile, I think it reminded her of home too.

A few weeks ago we decided to take her to the London Aquarium again (the first time we took her we timed it badly and she was asleep all the way through…), so with better timing in mind, a baby carrier and (thankfully) a very strong daddy we made our away to the Aquarium and had a great time. Amélie was so happy to see all the fish, the colours and movement but her favorite were definitely the turtles!

It was a lovely day out and not too straining as it only takes around one hour to go around the aquarium if you look at everything in detail.

Dad had a great time as well and still thought his fish tank was better than any other there (secretly I think this is why he likes keep on going there).

For more information on London Aquarium click here.

In the end we got a lovely family picture which we keep on Amélie’s room and we had a great family day out!

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    Telma Maia May 20, 2011

    Dear Patricia,
    There’s not much to say besides give you a big hug and tell you you’re a great woman. Regardless of what life has in store, only courage and hope make us move forward. I’ll publicize your blog and I’ll try to share your experience. Whatever you need, please just call, that’s what friends are for!
    My best thoughts will always be with your family, especially with your sweet Amélie.

    A kiss full of tenderness…

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