A weekly treat from Granddad!

Granddad and Amélie

Granddad and Amélie

It has now become a bit of regular thing that Amélie‘s Granddad comes over once a week and takes us out for lunch. There are loads of nice restaurants in Blackheath so she gets to try different food all the time. Gran has been busy the last few times so has been coming over on her own meaning that Amélie is getting treated twice a week!

As much as Amélie enjoys lunch she is always waiting for the main treat….a slice of apple cake from a local bakery called Boulangerie Jade!

When Amélie was diagnosed my parents took the three of us out to discuss everything, from the uncertain future which lay ahead of us to whether we should move house. I remember that it was a nice April day so we got a table outside at the bakery to have coffee. We bought a selection of cakes and soon realised that Amélie had a clear favorite, the apple!

So, ever since that day, whenever my parent’s visit we always go to this bakery for cake, and as you can see in the photo she is clearly enjoying it!

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