Eurodisney – day 2, fresh and excited!

‘Minnie’ Amélie

After a lovely breakfast it was imperative to get Amélie accessorized appropriately for the occasion. So we quickly went to the shop at the hotel and started by getting Minnie Mouse ears (a must if you are to enter the Magic Kingdom), a little handbag (a must for any girl) and a pick of a soft toy (to cuddle on nap times) strangely enough Amélie picked Pluto, so it seems that her dislike for dog soft toys has passed…

It was so lovely to watch as Amélie looked at everything with such excitement – the people, other children, the beautiful streets, the bright colours…

The first land we visited was Fantasyland – the land of Pinocchio, Snow White, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland, the land of fairytales!

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups seemed like a good choice for a first ride and Amélie was more confused than anything else, I suppose being really little and not being able to see much outside of a giant cup going around in circles would confuse any one. In any case she seemed to enjoy it!

The day was full of rides and little breaks for food and hot chocolate.

Definite favourites were:

- Peter Pan´s flight – we got on a magical flying boat and suddenly we were flying above London at night and then we were in the land of pirates running from Captain Hook! Amélie quite enjoyed it, I think the movements of the boat were quite exciting and the lights were really catching her eye.

- It´s a small world – every child´s (and my mother´s) favourite. We got into a little boat, this time in the water, one of those that you would only really imagine existing in a land of fantasy, and were taken around the world, a world of tiny dollies from all nations singing ‘it’s a small world’. The sparkly bit just before the end was Amélie’s favourite and she even graced us with a little bit of a dance.

We moved on to Discoveryland – the land of the future!

We had already hopped on Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast the previous day while Amélie was asleep. But Amélie’s father is such a competitive human being that he thought he would better his score and so… we went again (and after this time we went again, and again… and then I refused but they still went again!). Nevertheless it’s a lovely ride even for the little ones that just sit on the parents’ lap. We got on the space shuttles and had a laser gun each and a control and were supposed to hit all enemy (robot toys) targets and get as many points as possible. The ride was really bright, full of colours and the big robot toys (despite being the enemy) were really amazing to see! Amélie really enjoyed it for totally different reasons from her dad…

We had an amazing dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, where some gorillas sitting above our table would sporadically come to life and make gorilla noises (I suppose) and ended our evening with coffee and hot chocolate back at the hotel bar.

It was way past bedtime for Amélie who usually gets really moody when it is past her bedtime (I think most parents deal with this), well this does not happen at ‘The Magic Kingdom’!

Still to come on day 3 – a very brave Amélie tries to grab a ghost at Phantom Manor (the haunted house) and searches for Jack Sparrow at the Pirates of the Caribbean!

Two days completely not about Tay-Sachs and another one to come!



  1. Reply
    Sónia Maravalhas June 14, 2011


    Dias felizes para a minha sobrinha Amelie…

    Um beijo enorme e xi coração muito apertadinho.

  2. Reply
    Julie June 15, 2011

    LOVE those pics! Sounds like you had a fabulous time together – something to keep & treasure.xx

  3. Reply
    Llywelyn June 16, 2011

    Pluto?!?! So it’s just the soft toy dogs that I get her that she doesn’t like?!?! That hurts …

    • Reply
      Patricia June 16, 2011

      Well… you did buy her the second one to make her tough after learning she didn’t like the first one… she is a bit better with them but I think it’s because they really remind her of real dogs… her experience with real dogs is Spartacus, when you meet him, you will understand…

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