Eurodisney – Day 3, a very brave Amélie!

Amélie in her very fashionable Mickey Mouse rain cape

Amélie never ceases to amaze me! She is of course a very different child from those of her own age but I must say that there are treats in her character and personality that I really admire!

She is always one to try things and she doesn’t just get upset or throws a tantrum, in fact when Amélie is upset (which is not very often) it is usually for a very good reason (hunger or being tired!) and once her need is seen to, she is all happy again!

We set on day 3 at Eurodisney as on the previous days, after a good breakfast and with the energy and enthusiasm still well set on all of us. However, the weather didn’t help us very much to start with, and we had to resort to buying some very fashionable (NOT!) rain covers. Amélie was in luck that I managed to find a really cool one from Mickey for her (although a few years in size too big…).

We went on the famous Pirates of the Caribbean (the ride that inspired the famous movie) and Amélie really enjoyed it. The quick falls on the boat,pirates singing and all the colours and movement really caught her attention and at the we even got a lovely official photo at the end!

We went to a few more rides (Pinocchio, Snow White…), and some that Amélie was too little to go to (grandma kindly looked after her) and we also visited the Disney Studios where we watched the Disney parade while Dad and Auntie Katy went on the Tower of Terror (my worst nightmare – a ‘free falling’ lift), I wish I could post THAT official photo of the two of them here!

We went back to the hotel for a little rest and a well deserved swim. Amélie loves swimming and goes around the pool on her own in her Hello Kitty rubber ring, very cute to watch and very enjoyable for her!

I wanted to go back to Phantom Manor, which was my favourite attraction when I was first taken to Eurodisney with my parents. We did worry that Amélie might get scared but we thought that she had been so good in all the other rides and enjoyed them, this one would probably be no different. We were right! She really enjoyed the haunted house, she was looking at all the ghosts and smiling… and even tried to reach and grab a few!

Dinner was great too – we went to planet Hollywood and the food was amazing! We even allowed the little miss to have a very sweet dessert (naughty, I know, but well deserved!).

We stayed for another day and night… we revisited some of our favourite rides, took the Mississipi boat, went on the train and had plenty of fun!

I definitely recommend taking the children there. Particularly special children of any age, the stimulation, the ambiance and the care from all the staff just makes it a special place, a happy place where is easy to make unforgettable and happy memories!


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