Eurodisney – The arrival day!

Amélie, Daniel, Aunty Katy and Patricia at the entrance of Eurodisney

Our trip to Eurodisney was absolutely lovely!

We set off on the early morning Eurostar from St Pancras and enjoyed a nice and uneventful trip. By the time our stomachs were ticking we were having lunch at Annette’s at the Disney Village just outside the park!

Amélie had her first picture with Mickey Mouse ears when strategically placed on the high chair and we enjoyed some lovely hot dogs in true american style!

Amélie with Mickey Mouse ears







Amélie entered the park during her nap time, and although she was not yet asleep she was close to and did have a nap soon after.

So we seized the opportunity and as grandma kindly offered to stay out with Amélie we went on the Star Wars ride (a must for those of our generation) and enjoyed our first cups of ‘chocolat chaud’ and ‘cafe au lait’!

As tiredness started to set in, we went off to check-in at the hotel, Newport Bay, and were pleasantly surprised by the lovely rooms where we even found Nespresso machines!

The rest of the day and evening was spent with a little walk through Disney Village and a cheeky drink and as Amélie was tired from the whole trip and long day we set off to the buffet dinner at the hotel.

Bedtime was later than usual and a very tired girl went off to sleep easily and deeply.

We were all excited by the prospect of the next day and taking a refreshed and happy Amélie on many rides and have a lovely day!

Read all about it on the next post, to come soon!


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