Family Day

Deborah and Isabella on the Snail

Last week we had what we call a ‘Family Day’ – a day not about Tay-Sachs.

We don’t get many days when the three of us are all together and very often the time we do get is taken up with appointments.  We look forward to our family days as the only thing to be booked in is to do something nice!

On this occasion we went to the seaside – Great Yarmouth to be precise.

Now Great Yarmouth is not everyone’s cup of tea – indeed under any other circumstance James wouldn’t go.  But Yarmouth is for children and I remember getting very excited as a child knowing that we were going on a day trip there.  There is everything a child could wish for including a fantastic place called ‘Joyland’ especially for small people!

We arrived at lunch time so we sat on the sea front, Isabella eating her perfectly healthy lunch and Mummy and Daddy enjoying a naughty treat of chips!

After lunch Isabella experienced her first ever donkey ride – she loved it – laughing and squealing all the way.  James however drew the short straw and had to trudge through the sand whilst holding Isabella on as I stood back and filmed the occasion – I’m not silly!!

Once James had tipped the sand out of his shoes, we headed for ‘Joyland’ and thank heavens, my favourite ride – THE SNAILS – was still there.  Everyone in my family has been on the snails at some point in their lives, brother, cousins, aunties and even Mum when she was little.  I had to take Isabella on . . . once . . . twice . . . three times!  She loved it, just as I had hoped she would.

Another happy memory made and a good day was had by all.

The next family day is scheduled for Father’s Day when we are going to see ‘In The Night Garden’ Live Show!  We will let you know how we get on!


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    Natalie Jarvis July 12, 2011

    You are such a great mum Deborah! She’s is one happy little girl and that’s because of you. XXX

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    Emma Stocker July 12, 2011

    Ahh what a lovely day out, we went to yarmouth this same weekend and it was a glorious weekend with sun shining and Lleyton too loved the donkey ride and joyland, the look on their little faces when there having fun is a picture to remember. I remember going on the snails as a little girl and it is just lovely to pass those happy memories onto our children and enjoy the same memorable occasions with them as i’m sure you’ll agree. We look forward to hearing about more happy family days, you are such a happy little family and coping so well, treasure these special days as the look on their little faces says it all x

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    Sharon Chisman July 15, 2011

    I used to LOVE Great Yarmouth as a youngster, we used to take the caravan every year for a week. So glad you had a lovely day out..not sure who is enjoying the ride more though you or Isabella!! Love reading your stories on here and it is so great to see Isabella smiling as always..Love and Hugs to you all Xxx

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