Happy New Year from Amelie!

We have somewhat neglected this blog for the past few months as we have been busy with setting up The Cure & Action for Tay-Sachs (CATS) Foundation. So, one of our New Years Resolutions for 2012 is to get back to updating this blog regularly!

So, we will start with Christmas – this year we spent it in Porto, which was great fun and a big change from last year where we were in the UK with my parents.

Amelie and her cousins on Christmas Eve

Amelie and her cousins on Christmas Eve

We were in Portugal for just over a week, which gave the three of us a chance to catch up with Patricia’s family and also her friends. Amélie was, as you can imagine, spoilt rotten by everyone which she really enjoyed!

The main highlight for me was seeing how happy she was with all the cuddles and kisses she got! Amélie seems to take after her mum and doesn’t mind being kissed and cuddled by everyone she met – being British I still find the whole kissing everyone you meet, including strangers, a little bit weird! The only downside to all the affection she was shown is that she enjoyed all the cuddles so much it has made putting her down for her afternoon nap a bit more difficult. Now we are home as she expects me to rock her to sleep in my arms!

It was also great to see her enjoy her food over Christmas. Feeding is always a concern due to her posture (we have the special chair at home) but she ate better than ever. She devoured everything put in front of her, which put a smile on her Grandparents as they kept saying she must prefer Portuguese food! It was also a great break for Patricia as she was able to catch up with her friends and family who she doesn’t get to see that often anymore. A few of them have already said they will try to come over to see the three of us later this year which will be nice. It sounds like we will be having a busy 2012!

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    Ana Seabra January 3, 2012

    Hi Amelie, im glad you had fun in Portugal, and you look gorgeous(as always)in that picture. I agree with you, Portuguese food is delicious and we know your dad likes it too, even though he doesn`t like to admit it, lol. I`ll try to see you, when your grandparentes come over. I wish a very happy New Year, with big things for you, mum and dad. Lots of love, kisses and hugs for the three of you xxx

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