Isabella ‘treats’ daddy to a show for Fathers Day

Isabella and James

Everyday is so important to us all as a family, but always try to fill our ‘family days’ with fun things that Isabella will enjoy.

Fathers day this year was no different and when we found out ‘In The Night Garden Live’ was being staged not too far from us we jumped at the chance at going.
Now Isabella has never been very interested in television but one program she has always enjoyed is In The Night Garden, not because of the colourful images, instead she loves the music each character sings and dances to. It not unusual for Isabella to stop everything she is doing to do her unique style of dancing when her favourite character – Upsy Daisy – comes on to the screen.
After having a lovely picnic next to showdome  (where the show is staged) in the grounds of Woburn Abbey we went in and were shown to our front row seats by some very helpful and understanding staff.  The stage was set up only a metre from where we sat with the Pinky Ponk being projected above our heads. The first character on stage was Makka Pakka who wanted to wash all his friends’ faces. We then met Iggle Piggle, The Pontipines, The Tombliboos and finally Upsy Daisy. Unfortunately due to Isabella’s poor eyesight she was not focusing on the 6ft tall Upsy Daisy standing only a few metres from us but was constantly looking towards the speaker which was transmitting Upsy Daisy’s voice.
Now Isabella might not have watched the show but her facial expressions told us she enjoyed the music.
We all had a great day and look forward to many more days not about Tay-Sachs.


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    Natalie Jarvis July 14, 2011

    So glad you had a special day together.
    I am yet to see Izzy’s dancing. I’ll have to ask her to show me next time we’re near a radio!
    Love to all

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    Bev Jackman July 15, 2011

    We heard all about Isabella’s treat for daddy on Fathers Day and managed to get a special balloon with Upsy Daisy on it for when they all arrived in Devon which Daddy was thrilled with!!, he played with it all afternoon with Isabella’s help of course.
    It is so lovely that you are having such wonderful family days together and that more are planned.
    Love you all loads.
    Auntie Bev.


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