Isabella’s lovely weekend!

Pensthorpe Nature Reserve

By Deborah Alford

“As time goes by we are finding it increasingly difficult to have days that are not about Tay-Sachs. However, we are pleased to report that we enjoyed a fantastic day out at Pensthorpe on Saturday where Isabella enjoyed hearing the ducks and birds and feeling the wind blowing in her hair! We also had a scrumptious picnic! Today was spent at a one year old’s birthday party where we were made to feel very welcome. Isabella loved the bouncy castle! We arrived home to find a box of chocs on our doorstep from some very good friends! We have lots of appointments again this week so back to normal but feels like we have had a little time out.”


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    Patrícia Duarte May 27, 2011

    Extremely heartbroken by the children’s stories. They are special in this world and so are you parents. If you have been given a special child, it is because you can look after this little person like no one else; because you are all gifted and amazing. Keep being strong for your little ones – it’s the most precious thing.

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      Melanie Evans May 28, 2011

      Very true and Isabella has the most wonderful loving parents as I’m sure all the children on this website do.

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    Natalie Jarvis May 29, 2011

    Everything Patrica wrote says it all.
    We are so glad you had a lovely weekend and i dont expet any of those chocolates to be left MRS!
    ha ha

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