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Travel website TripBase.com is currently running a web series where people are asked to dig out old posts, in answer to seven fixed questions. Steve who is one of the patrons for The CATS Foundation was kind enough to nominate us through his own blog You’re Not from Around Here, Are You. Take a read of it as it’s a very funny and honest view of travelling and living abroad!

So, we have done a mix of posts from Today Was Not About Tay-Sachs and The CATS Foundation charity site:

Your most beautiful post

Amélie all ready to go!

The beauty of this post is from the message within it. Our trip to Eurodisney showed that in light of the news we had given about Amelie we were still able to have fun as a family. To us that is the most important thing – that we don’t moped around all day but rather enjoy everyday we have as a family. Also, the beauty is in Amelie – she looks stunning in every photo!





Your most popular post

How Tay-Sachs is inherited

Our post “What is Tay-Sachs?” on The CATS Foundation is one of our most popular posts as it really provides an overview of the disease that many people can understand. There is a mix of medical terms and language which non-scientific people can understand which is why a lot of people have been accessing it. When we posted it, our aim was to make things as simple as possible so that when people are confronted with the disease they can fully understand it.



Your most controversial post

How people can help

There were mixed reviews about this post “12 ways to help someone you care about what a child with a serious illness” – some saw it as letting people know how you feel while others thought it showed anger. I guess that is why it was controversial as everyone understood the message in a different way. It was important for people who are not in our position to not understand what we are going through, but rather for people to see how they can help. Off the back of this post we found that our friends and family rallied round us and really helped us move forward with things.


Your most helpful post

Stay strong as a family

The “Just Diagnosed” post on The CATS Foundation is our most helpful post as it is aimed at those families in the same position as us. We wanted people to know that they are not along and that there are other people they can contact who can share their stories and support one another. This post has had numerous hits and many other families have been in contact with us – this shows that the message it contains is working!




A post whose success surprised you

Izzy and James

When we opened up Today Was Not About Tay-Sachs to other families to contribute to the blog we didn’t realise how successful it would be! This post outling the story of Isabella showed not only that there are other families in our position, but through the comments they also had an amazing network of friends and families who are there for them.





A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

Training for a treat

Training for a treat

This post deserves more attention for the simple reason it shows how much Amélie has to go through in one typical morning of every day. While most children her age are out running around Amélie spends her time with her dad exercising to make her body strong. We feel it shows her strength of character – she never complains and always completes the the exercises she has to do. Amélie is a very special girl and everyone should read this post to see how well she is coping.



The post that you are most proud of

Patricia and Amelie

Finding out that your child has a terminal illness knocks your world from its axis – it is one of the hardest things to be told by a doctor and to come to terms with. I can not put in words how proud of Patricia I was when she posted “Our Story” as it was a big step in accepting what our future was going to become. T open herself up to the world and let people in on what we went through as a family is one of the bravest things she has ever done – this is why I am so proud of this post as well as being proud of Patricia. She is a very special person and also an amazing mum to Amélie!


Here are the blogs we’ve nominated in order to keep the #My7Links project going – we hope you enjoy reading them and staying in touch!

  • Our Little Seal – A touching blog about Ronan who has Tay-Sachs and how his family are coping with the disease.
  • Road King UK – a fun blog about one mans experiences on his motorbike!
  • Dan Martin Extreme Athlete – this man does not stopping pushing his body to the limit – his next challenge is an around the world Triathlon (including swimming the Atlantic)!
    Here are the #My7Links rules to follow and we look forward to reading the posts!

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