New Challenge – 50 London Walks

London City Walks with Kids - 50 Adventures on foot

London City Walks with Kids – 50 Adventures on foot

A few weeks ago we decided, quite spontaneously  (which is not particularly easy to achieve now days) to hop on the train to London Bridge and have a walk by the river and grab some lunch. On our way we went past the Design Museum and decided to go to the store (skipping the museum altogether…ahem…), we love a good shop and the Design Museum is packed with lovely cards, children’s books, inventions… it’s amazing for such a not-so-big space! It was there that we found ‘London City Walks with Kids’ and thought that this would be a good way to have ideas for our family days out, after all there’s so much to do in London!


Each card has a number (there are 50 of them!) and a small area to cover and tells you what you can do and find, usually involves one major landmark at least (sometimes more) and all of it suitable for kids, of course!

Our aim is to do one a week (yes that’s almost a year!) and do as much of it as possible, as some have steps which are not doable with Amelie on the pram. We are letting Grace pick a card out (which is not always easy either as her little fingers tend to always want more than one).

Here is the card picked for last week – we went on the adventure on Saturday but that’s an all other post!



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