Pancake Day (is most Saturday’s)!

Amélie enjoying Nutella pancakes

Amélie enjoying Nutella pancakes

As a little treat for Amélie and her mum I sometimes make them something special on a Saturday if they’ve both had a busy week!

So, having bought a new jar of Nutella especially for the occasion I thought they both deserved something tasty to wake up to (well, for Patricia to wake up to as Amélie had already been up for a couple hours!).

Both my girls have a bit of an addiction to Nutella – together they can easily get through a small jar in a day! With my pancake batter made I started cooking for two very excited people and they quickly devoured all the pancakes put in front of them!

They both enjoyed their start to the today although Amélie was so covered in Nutella (it was in her hair as well) we had to give her bath once she’d finished!

I think I will now make this a regular thing as it made for a perfect start to the day!

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