Picnic in Greenwich Park


Greenwich Park

Shortly after Amelie’s diagnose the sun came out in London and it seemed that Spring was finally here and calling for Summer (this has not been the case…).

We are fortunate to live very close to a beautiful park – Greenwich Park – and to have made great friends with some of the mothers and babies we met through our course at NCT.

T and A were born one day apart, in fact their mothers ended up in the same ward at the hospital, Amelie was born at the same hospital two months later.

So being friends since bumps and mostly since they were little babies we all decided to make the most out of the first warm day of the year and organized a picnic in Greenwich Park.

I must admit that just hours before going I was a bit reluctant and almost called to cancel. I knew now that Amelie would not be able to follow them on their playing as she used to when they were all little. And I think I was worried that she would realize this and be sad and frustrated. In any case I also though that this was just me speculating and that she seems to cope with it all without much second thought and just gets on with doing what she wants at her own pace and has been finding her own way to move, to communicate and to enjoy herself.

And this is what happened then. We laid down the picnic blankets, H provided the drink and food for the children and J provided a feast of food, I was requested to bring dessert, which has always been an easy task for me as I know just where to get it. T and A were running around and trying to explore the park, and looking at the lake and the ducks and of course Amelie cannot walk so she could not do this. She wasn’t upset though, she made the most out of eating all the food that she could – at times even trying to pick from others’ plates…- she played with the toys, enjoyed the sunshine and got loads of cuddles, even from her little friends.

T  kept on stroking her head really carefully and even brought her the sippy cup for her to have some water.

I wondered, not that he would know of course, but if he could feel, that his little friend is special and needs more attention… they used to go swimming together and have always got on really well, but this was definitely, more than that, it was a gesture of care!

We had a great day! Amelie loved going out, enjoyed the food, getting cuddles and seeing her little friends.

She is not one to let Tay-Sachs take over her day, and I am so proud of her for that!



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    Donna June 3, 2011

    I’m so proud of both of you…she is an amazing little girl with an amzing mummy (and daddy of course)…sounds like you had a lovely day. Can’t wait to see you soon xxx

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    Natalie Jarvis June 6, 2011

    What a lovely read.
    My daughter is friends with Isabella Allford and i agree – sometimes kids seem to know.
    Bella (my daughter) is loving and gentle with Izzy as are some other little ones, in an extra special way.
    Just like they know they need to treat her nicely and be patient with her.
    Glad you have such good friends to have days out with :)

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