Saturday lunch in Central London

Amélie with her Godfather

By Amélie Durão Lewi

Last Saturday as we were getting all excited and ready to go to Eurodisney we were invited by my godfather to meet up in central London for lunch.

My godfather has always been one of my favorite people! He came to meet me very soon after I was born and brought me a little painting of a polar bear that he painted himself (he is very ‘arty’) and a lovely silver moon rattle which I keep with all my treasures in my bedroom!

He always makes me giggle and has proudly taken me around in the baby carrier (I think he likes the attention he gets too…), we have been to the park, to museums and for outings many times and I LOVE how he rubs my belly and makes me giggle with his beard!

Saturday was another of those lovely days, we met by Charing Cross station and after a little stroll around Covent Garden we went to Zizzi’s for pizza and dessert. I skipped the pizza (sometimes I just don’t feel like it) but tucked into the dessert with pleasure!

We then proceeded to go for a walk by the river and I caught some sun and wind on my face (which I love) and even got a little nap out of it!

The best part of it was that (have I mentioned my godfather is ‘arty’?) mom managed to take this really lovely photo of the two of us (the camera really helped!) which I really like and have asked mom to print for me!

Most days it is simple to have a great day, as long as you are surrounded by people you love and love you back!

Amélie Durão Lewi

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    Sónia Maravalhas June 16, 2011

    Sem duvida que é um privilegio estar junto daqueles que mais gostamos e fico triste por não poder partilhar momentos tão especiais com a minha sobrinha. Contudo, fico muito feliz que a Amelie tenha em seu redor a familia mais proxima geograficamente. Estamos longe mas a nossa sobrinha tem uma lugar muito especial no nosso coração.

    Um beijo muito grande dos Tios Hugo, Sonia e prima Margarida

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