Swimming then lunch – it’s a good life!

Amélie & Charlie

Amélie & Charlie

Last week I took Amélie for a session of hydrotherapy which went really well and was made better as there were only two of us there. Hydrotherapy is basically physiotherapy in water and as there were only a couple of us it meant we were able to spend longer with the physio and go through all Amélie’s exercises. We are working on building up her core strength at the moment so she can sit better and stay as mobile as possible. The exercises range from making Amélie kick in the water to trying to convince her to do sit-ups! I keep telling her that it means she will have a wash board stomach but she’s never impressed…

After the last session we jumped onto the train and headed off to meet my good friend Emma and her little boy Charlie in West Wickham. We had a lovely day out and it was nice to see Amélie interacting with another baby – it’s an annoying thing that we are still waiting on a nursery place for her. Amélie first met Charlie when he was a week old and they have always got on. However, Charlie does like to play hard to get and Amélie works very hard to get a bit of baby speak going between them!

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