Tay-Sachs carrier testing available in London through the NHS

Carrier testing is currently available through the NHS at Guy’s and St Thomas’ in London.

For further information please click here.

Please note that this page offers information on how to get genetic testing on your carrier status of Tay-Sachs and mentions quite specifically people of Ashkenazi Jew descent as being the major group affected by the disease.

While the numbers may say so, numbers mean nothing when you are THE ONE in 250 people of non Ashkenazi Jew descent that is a carrier and passed it on to your child – such as myself.

It is also important to keep in mind that the current world is a lot more mixed and travelled and that ancestry information is not always passed on correctly and unfortunately information on carrier status may also be forgotten somewhere down the line until the disease strikes again in the family.

Please read the information carefully and pass it on to friends and family. Genetic diseases can be avoided with a simple blood test and if carriers always inform their close and extended family tragedy can be avoided.



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    Patricia Durao May 27, 2011

    Please read this mother’s perspective on genetic testing. I agree with her in so many ways and feel her frustration!


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