Tea Party for Tay-Sachs !

Tea for Tay-SachsWhat: Host a Tea Party – this is as BIG or as small event as you wish it to be…

When: Throughout the month of August 2013

Objective: Raise awareness of Tay-Sachs and funds to support The CATS Foundation

Where: Your garden or any table in your home that is big enough to accomodate your family and friends

How: Invite your loved ones around for afternoon tea (be as traditional or as OTT as you wish), ask for a small donation per guest for the lovely tea you are providing (suggested £5.00) and take a photo of your event at its best!

Theme: Tay-Sachs and The CATS Foundation! It’s all about raising awareness, so we will provide not only appropriate merchandise packs (more details on these coming soon) but will also be posting some ideas on hosting and party decoration!

What’s in it for you: fun, spending time with loved ones, raising awareness of an awful (and sneaky) disease and funds for a very good cause! Ah! And a prize (this is ‘suspense’ still)! So we will ask you to take a photo of your event and send to us or post on our FB page, the most voted photo wins!

So start looking into your diary and book a date! We will be asking for merchandise pack orders soon!


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    Hawa June 21, 2013

    What a wonderful idea!
    I am excited to take part.

    Could I hold mine in the office as I would be likely to get a far better turnout than would be possible in my garden. …

    Thanks x

  2. Reply
    Patricia Durao Lewi June 21, 2013

    Hawa, holding it at the office is an excellent idea! If you do it more towards the beginning of the month maybe your colleagues would be interested to replicate it to their family and friends and spread the word? ;)

    We are working hard on packs for the decoration and will post soon.

    Thanks! x

  3. Reply
    Laura June 21, 2013

    What a great idea ..
    We will hold ours down by the sea in Mallorca .. We can’t wait Laura x

  4. Reply
    Patricia Durao Lewi June 21, 2013

    Laura that is fabulous and how lucky are you and we??? I guess you will need some refreshments rather than hot tea ;) Would you like to try a recipe of White Sangria? It is lovely, Spanish and refreshing! Can get the recipe and post here for you!

    Thanks for supporting us! x

  5. Reply
    Laura June 21, 2013

    Yes white sangria sounds lovely thank you :) x

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