Training for a treat!

Bench sitting

Bench sitting

The last few posts I have written have shown all the treats Amélie has been getting and they all seem to be linked to food! So, as a balance I thought I would let you in on how our mornings together usually go and how she actually earns her little luxuries!

Pre workout

Amélie normally gets up nice and early (just be 6am!) and has her breakfast at 7am followed by a nap at around 8:30am. She is sleeping a bit more these days but I think this is because she goes to bed later now and is doing so much more.

The next stage of her morning involves her exercises – just to show everyone that I’m not just feeding her sugar!

Exercise 1

As in the photo you can see I put a special belt around Amélie to build up her core muscles. The easiest way to describe this is it’s like a weight lifting belt – it forces her to sit up straighter and work her stomach muscles. I leave this on her for about 10 minutes while playing so she gets used to it then I move onto the next part of her workout…

Exercise 2

The next stage is for Amélie to do a sort of sit ups by pulling herself up holding my fingers. We do a few of these then I change to work on her obliques (side muscles of her stomach) – these are exercises we first did in the pool during hydrotherapy. The plan is to make her stronger so she can sit better while feeding, playing and in the pram. The newest exercises are the last two and most challenging ones…

Exercise 3

This tough exercises requires Amélie sitting on a special bench given to us by the physios – she is on it in the picture. When she sits on it the exercise is called bench sitting and is difficult for Amélie as she has to really work her core muscles hard to stay up right and still.

I let her sit on the bench on her own (making sure she doesn’t fall) and then start relaxing her legs so her feet can go flat on the floor. As Amélie has tight muscles her natural stance is to stretch her legs out straight in front of her but with a bit of work they are getting a bit loser meaning she can put her feet down. I do this for a few minutes then change to the last exercise…

Exercise 4

This one involves me holding her pelvis in a neutral position. According to the physio, Amélie (the clever girl she is) has adapted her position by sitting at a slant to the right with her hips then to the left with her ribs and shoulder – she has done this so she can sit up. This isn’t that good for her though as it puts pressure through parts of her body which normally wouldn’t have any. Over time, we are hoping to make her be able to sit up straight.

Post workout

After all these exercises, which normally take between 20 – 30 minutes we then have a cuddle, play and sing (usually “row row your boat”, “wiggly worm” and then “zoom zoom zoom we’re going to the moon”) which she loves. Then it’s time for a late morning nap as the exercises tiring – after that its time to head out for the days activities.

So, as you can see Amélie always earns her treats!

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    Llywelyn July 31, 2011

    She’ll be doing triathlons with you in no time!

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